Who we are

Established in 2019 in Vietnam. Devsquad Recruiting Services Ltd. is a recruiting and headhunting firm specialized in IT industry.

Our brand

Devsquad reshapes the old thinking and makes people think differently about how effective that recruiting services can be.

Our goal

With a strong focus in the IT field and possessing top-notch professionals, Devsquad is not only a leader in the IT industry but also goes beyond recruitment and today. Above all, Devsquad sets the highest goal in understanding customer needs, technology, and the company’s culture to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Why partner with Devsquad?

With our nationwide network and our expertise in IT, we can bring you the best level of talent. We committed to building strong long-term partnerships with clients and candidates. We aim for professionalism and high quality in every aspect: our consultants, our candidates, our partners, and our services.

Our consultants

Our consultants are specially trained and assessed. Having high professional qualifications, working style and always taking care of customers to ensure customers meet the highest requirements.

Our candidates

The candidate database is comprehensive, specialized, and rapidly expanding. These allow us to find the right candidates regardless of positions requiring little experiences such as internships to advanced positions requiring extensive knowledge and in-depth experience.

Our assessment services

Our high level of expertise in the IT industry gives us the ability to access candidates from our source, to provide you the most appropriate candidates based on our high assessments of their skills in order to save the cost and efforts to screen and interview candidates.